Monday, December 3, 2012

Three Cheers For Soup

Three cheers for Mother and three cheers for canned soup! Canned soup for lunch. Canned soup for supper. Oh, and for dinner, too. Three more cheers for Mother not serving it at breakfast, too.

Not only does Mother like strolling through the snow getting a few fancy wrapped packages all wet, she also likes soup cups. Notice that she has three kinds of soup cups. Probably there are more in the china cupboard. Because this canned soup thing is going to be happening all year round - not just at Christmas time, oh no! Because Mother is busy all the time. There will be other shopping trips and more packages and frankly she also really deserves to go out for coffee more often. Also for tea. And maybe she will also be going out for a few cocktails, come to think of it.

Not, you will note, for soup. She's had enough of that stuff. Even though soup - in the words of the Seinfeld episode called, not surprisingly, The Soup: "Soup counts! This is the dinner." And by all means, go ahead and crumble some crackers in it. That really could be a meal.


Marcheline said...

I'm one of those weird people that could actually very happily live on soup and popcorn and stuff like that. I prefer big chunky meals only once in a while. Soup and "small food" is comforting, and much easier to make and clean up after! I must have a lazy stomach. 8-) Great ad!!

Anonymous said...
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Lidian said...

Marcheline - I love soup, too, actually. I make my own (it is super easy, my recipe - just throwing loads of beans and so on into a pot) and have it for dinner a LOT. But I make other stuff for everyone else because they are not crazy about lentil-chickpea soup. Or Campbell's either, sadly ;)