Friday, December 7, 2012

Yankee Doodle Not So Dandy

Here's a little non-holiday-themed ad about how not to Go Out On the Town. So this weekend, if you're out on the social scene or whirl or whatever,  just do the complete opposite of this trio of bewigged bozos, and you will be fine:

So three guys who (unlike Jerry Seinfeld in "The Puffy Shirt") do indeed want to be pirates, went to town last night. Or went out on the town. Something like that. That poor town will never be the same.

At first, all they did was sing their theme song. Badly, it looks like. And loudly. Very loudly.

Then they all went out and ate a lot of macaroni.

This led to the second, smaller picture of them in considerable intestinal distress. What on earth did the cook put in the macaroni? Something that would shut them up, maybe, like really spicy chili or indigestible bits of last year's pot roast that was in the back of the fridge.

But fortunately these guys brought along their favorite after-dinner apéritif: Pepto Bismol! Because "stomach distress" should not be treated with "drastic, irritating physics or purgatives."

As soon as they downed their shot glasses of Pepto Bismol, the Puffy Shirt Guys felt much better. So much better, in fact, that they began to caterwaul again. Which was both drastic and irritating to everyone else who happened to be out on the town last night.

[Advertisement from 1941.]

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