Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dizzy Dora and the Kleenex

Oh, Dora. I feel your pain, I really do. Every day it seems like there's a full basket of laundry sitting there, mocking me. Giving me a headache like yours. Where does it all come from? I ask myself. Of course I actually do know where it comes from, but I ask anyway.

But at least I do not have little phantom handkerchiefs circling my head as if it was the Planet Migraine and they were its moons.

Those little handkerchiefs are really getting in Dora's way. They are totally ruining her social life, for one thing:

Really, can't you go to the matinee with us, Dora? What - washing again?

Wash...wash...wash!...I've been washing handkerchiefs by the dozens since "cold" season began!

Oh, I see. Colds did generate a lot of handkerchiefs back in the day. Only Dora seems to have had the energy to put on stage makeup. That doesn't really make sense, does it?

Her friend - there's always a friend like this in vintage ads - tells her to buy Kleenex. hasn't she ever heard of Kleenex? No, because she's been busy. Washing handkerchiefs. And putting on makeup. But once she adopts the "Kleenex habit" she's ready to hit the movies. But make sure you bring some cough drops, Dora. Just in case Kleenex isn't enough.

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