Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scenario Kings and Story Queens

You've probably noticed that I'm mainly updating this blog now, not so much my other 3 blogs. I've come to the conclusion that 4 blogs is just about 3 too many for anyone who wants to write stuff besides blog posts. And I'm not going to detail all the things I want to write because that usually leads to me freezing up and procrastinating and so on, so I won't.

I also do pick up a bit of freelance writing to make money, on the side - so these two advertisements from the mid-1920s amused and interested me - because who wouldn't like to be a Scenario King or a Story Queen, as well as your own Boss with a capital B?

Show cards were either small advertising posters, or (sometimes) the signs in theatres that told you what shows and movies were playing. So show card writers were copywriters, essentially.  The Detroit Show Card School, which had an office in Toronto as well, would let you, the aspiring copywriter, work from home and not only taught you but marketed your work, too. I would have loved doing this!

The second ad, shown on the left, appealed to me not only because it is advetising a "wonderful book," but because it was written for aspiring "Scenario Kings and Story Queens." I love that.  Yes, that's just what I would like to be: a Story Queen. And not only that but a Story Queen who can make "clever word-pictures" and create "unique, thrilling plots." I'm not sure that there really are any particular short cuts, though - despite the title of the book.

Just like back then, you can make a really interesting career change by learning how to do resumé writing or travel writing or even copywriting as a freelancer with online programs you can access right in the comfort of your own home office. That's something I might think about doing, since I really love advertisements and advertising copy (especially, as you know, the vintage and retro kind). Then you could also be a Resumé Queen or a Travel Writing King - while wearing fleece pajamas and drinking coffee out of your own royal mug. Sounds excellent to me.

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BrSpiritus said...

I can certainly relate. Working a full time job is not conducive to being able to write on my blog :(