Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Tension-Easing Chewing Gum

The Beech Nut packing Company was founded in upstate New York in 1891, and they didn't start out making gum - but ham. And by the early 1900s they started making a lot of other things too, everything from ketchup, spaghetti and mustard to baby food, mint candies and, of course, gum.

Beech nuts, by the way, are bitter but edible nuts from (not surprisingly) the beech tree. I don't know what they have to do with gum or spaghetti, but that's what they are.

Some real beech nuts 
Beech Nut Gum was first manufactured in 1910 and is still being sold today. I've seen the Fruit Stripe Gum for sale, and Black Jack Gum (black licorice flavor, of course) - both of which I used to really love back in the 1970s. My mom bought me gum on Saturdays only, as a fabulous weekend treat, at Woolworth's. Ice Cream Gum (made by Adams) was my favorite, though. It came in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and they were all excellent. Black Jack and Clark's Teaberry were summer-vacation gum for me, for some reason.

Anyway, one of the best things about gum - then and now - is that it's an inexpensive treat, just like the things you might find over at DealDash - and who doesn't like a deal? Even people who aren't crazy about gum like deals. And there are those of us who like both. My favorite gum now is sugar free extra-spicy cinnamon gum, pretty much any brand - and just like this 1958 Beech Nut ad suggests, I do chew it to relieve stress sometimes. And other times I chew it because - well, I love cinnamon, but my teeth do not love sugar.

What's your favorite chewing gum?


vanilla said...

Beech Nut peppermint, very good. But my favorite was Beeman's Pepsin, with Clove and Black Jack doing time in my mouth as well.

mamafrog said...

My husband loves the Pepsin, we buy it whenever we can find it! In fact, I just bought four large packs of Teaberry today. I used to chew it all the time when I was a kid, and make chains out of the wrappers. We had a contest one year in my class to see who could make the biggest, but mine was only about six inches around when coiled up.

Nils Rautavaara said...

Anything with mint and wouldn't stick with my dentures would be really great for me. Chewing a gum is like popping a bubble wrap. It's very liberating and it can ease the tension.