Monday, February 18, 2013

An Exciting Mustard Discovery

Thank goodness, Mrs. Newlywed has managed to impress Mrs. Uppercrust, the pigeon-breasted, pince-nez-wearing doyenne of high society. And no, it isn't Mrs. Newlywed's ability to trowel on the makeup that has made her so popular. Or the strange striped bustle thing that's protruding from her left side.

It's an Exciting Mustard Discovery. As opposed boring ones. These are examples of Boring Mustard Discoveries:

-You discover that you're out of mustard.
-Or that you really don't care for mustard.
-Or that you got mustard on your fancy black velvet suit.

But just being in the same room as a jar of Best Foods Mustard with Horseradish = Excitement!

Best Foods was the same brand as Hellmann's, but were sold west of the Rockies and in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. If you were in the market for thrilling condiments east of the Rockies, in Canada, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East, you'd have to calm down a little and look for Hellmann's on the label.

And just wait until Mrs. Uppercrust tastes that cup of tea that Mrs. Newlywed's pouring her. Then she'll really know the meaning of the phrase Exciting Mustard Discovery!

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