Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hubby's Hobby Salad

The guests were startled to learn that Ted's hobby consisted of 3 cups of shredded cabbage, 12 broccoli flowerets, 12 cauliflower flowerets, a large tomato and some spinach leaves. All piled in a pyramid, as if they were about to be frozen in place by aspic.

Then they saw the dish of Hellmann's Mayonnaise and thought: maybe that's his hobby: the mayonnaise.

Actually his hobby is growing veggies. OK, I get it.

In the cartoon strip he and his blond wife, June, are at the grocery store and he is very excited that he recognizes Hellmann's. One gets the feeling that this is all new to him. You know how you get excited when you see some pink Anchorglass in a thrift store for a dollar a piece?* That's how Ted is feeling about the Hellmann's display.

Also in the cartoon strip, Ted is beaming at his salad while Tess and June discuss the difference between salad dressing and real mayonnaise.

Now, Tess is the lady who made the salad. And Ted and June are the guests. But it looks like Ted is cuddling with Tess up at the top of the ad.

"Tess serves Ted's vegetables in the style they deserve" - "really fresh, too!" - is this code for something? That's some hobby you've got there, Ted.

* No, I haven't seen this either, but I keep hoping. It was made by the Anchor Hocking Company (which is still in business)  in the 40s and 50s - this was part of their very popular Fire-King line, I think. The pink variety is called rose-ite. The image at left is a detail from a 1955 ad.

There is an Anchor Hocking Museum - check out the ad postcards  there, for the Royal Ruby Refreshment Set, which I also want, only in part because it is gorgeous. I also want it so that I can announce its name to people as I serve them Royal Ruby Refreshments in it.

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