Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Fabulous Vintage Car

The Hudson Motor Company made beautiful cars in Detroit from 1909 to 1954, and was founded by a department store owner named Joseph L. Hudson.  They mostly made cars for everyday drivers, but are also known for their 1950s NASCAR Grand National stock car, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

Hudson was also the first car company in America to hire a woman as a car designer. Her name was Betty Thatcher Oros, and she started working for Hudson in 1939. She studied Industrial Design at the Cleveland Art Institute, and was the daughter of Joe Oros, who designed cars for Ford and helped design the Mustang and the 1955 Thunderbird. Betty contributed to the design of 1941 Hudson, which you can see in this beautiful color ad on the left, which is from the same year.

I absolutely love old cars like this. They remind me of the big cabs in New York City back in the 1970s. They looked a lot like the 1941 Hudson - only they were yellow, of course - and had fold-out jump seats in the back (totally unsafe, of course, from the 2013 perspective) which I loved sitting on, when I was a kid.
Wikimedia Commons

You may not find a vintage Hudson, but there are all kinds of seriously great used cars for sale at places like Autotrader - you can visit their Christchurch, New Zealand page at the link, but they sell all over the world.  So no matter where you might be - or might want to drive - you can check out what kind of used and vintage cars they have to offer. We've always bought used cars, and are super happy with our current one (which is 17 years old and still going strong). And wouldn't it be amazing to find a Fabulous Hudson Hornet and be able to drive that around town?


LaVonne said...

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet has been forever immortalized as Doc Hudson in "Cars."

I live just outside Charlotte, NC where the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located and it's really neat to see the old cars like the Hudson Hornet and others.

For the record, I own a 1994 Plymouth Voyager. It's not exactly vintage, but I nicknamed it V'Ger (nerdy Star Trek reference).

Lidian said...

LaVonne - That must be really cool, being able to see olds cars at the NASCAR Hall of Fame! I love old cars and would love to see more of them. I saw Rudyard Kipling's car (ca 1910? I think) at his house (Bateman's) in England...It is in a little building on its own and SO wonderful :)

Amy said...

Old cars are the best. When the teens & I see nice old cars we have competitions to say "mine" first. btw am back retro blogging again.