Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Not-So-Velvet Mitten

They still make these depilatory mitten things, and they still don't work. I saw them for sale a few years ago, and they looked like they were made out of some kind of fine sandpaper, definitely not velvet.

This ad is from 1936. The Velvet Mitten Company was based in Los Angeles but I've seen ads from the 1930s for this in Canada and Australia as well as in the US/ The Canberra Times ran a little ad in 1935 that confidently stated that the Velvet Mitten was a "Hollywood Secret":

The Film Stars must always look their best, and that  is why they have universally adopted the latest aid to Beauty - Velvet Mitten. Velvet Mitten Hair Remover is wholly mechanical in action and without chemicals. As simple to use as a powder puff.

That mechanical action was pretty rough, though. The 1933 ad in the Montreal Gazette notes that the Velvet Mitten "feels like velvet, yet has a sharpness and hardness similar to diamond dust." Ouch. I think I'll pass on this.

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