Friday, July 5, 2013

Paddy Soap Pads

Well, hello there. Yes, I do still have a blog. No, I haven't quite figured out how things are going to go.

I'd like to surprise myself more, and have more fun here. Write stuff off the top of my head. I was getting bogged down in crafting humor stuff when really, I often just had a one-liner to say about an ad. I do that on FB and Pinterest and Tumblr, and I love doing it. But here? Not sure yet. I missed it, though.

Anyway, this is Paddy, which looks like a cross between a ridged graham cracker and a Post It note. Paddy Soap Pads are disposable soap-filled sponge things you scrub pans with; the ad's from 1963.

It actually is not a bad idea, although the steel-wool soap-filled scrubby things work well and are sort of the same things, albeit without the "pretty backing." I don't really care whether scrubbers are decorated with little pictures of pans. I just want to get those pans clean and get out of there.

Someone at my house, not me, made instant creme caramel the other night and as you know there is a caramelized sugar layer that goes on top of the creme. This came in a little plastic pouch. I don't really love the idea of the boxed instant creme caramel, but I wasn't going to volunteer to make it from scratch. No sir. Not me! I have times when I Like to Cook, and times when I Have to Cook (ugh, don't like those times!). But this was neither. So I went off to look at things on Pinterest and pretend nothing was happening on the stove and that there weren't going to be any additional dishes in the sink later.

There were. And one pot had burned caramelized-sugar-from-a-pouch all over the bottom. It was soaking because that is a gesture of goodwill, isn't it. I always soak things in the sink when I want to stop washing them, because it looks like you're trying. I ended up scraping the burnt stuff off with a dull knife. I know, I know, you're probably not supposed to do that. It was kind of like when you were a kid and you put Elmer's Glue on your hands and let it dry and then peeled it off. This was a little like that, but less fun. I'll bet throwing the Paddy away was fun, too. Looks like someone's throwing it in the stock pot, in the middle picture. Just for a laugh, of course.


Marcheline said...

I think it's funny how they show a photo of the pretty backing "to protect your fingers" and then the photo of the scrubbing side has her thumb on it... uh... what about protecting the fingers? 8-)

Lidian said...

Marcheline - There's no protecting the fingers when you're scrubbing pots...oh wait, those yellow rubber gloves, remember those? My mother used those and got me some once, but I hated them, lol