Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Unbearable Lightness of Coffee

A perfect morning: sitting in front of an ever-decreasing pot of coffee while jabbering on the phone (getting that. Although it will give her something to talk about.
more and more wired as she goes, no doubt). The pot ought to be on a trivet or something, she's going to wreck the kitchen table's finish. No one's going to enjoy

Airway Coffee - guaranteed not to go down your airway even if you swallow it funny - was an A&P brand. I've never heard of it, though. My mother went to the Grand Union, never the A &P, and she was strictly an instant coffee type. Plus we didn't have an eat-in kitchen with a table. Or a coffee maker. I have both of those things now, but I tend to just slosh instant in a cup and get on with it. I write about coffee a lot, and I love good coffee. But I'm kind of lazy, too. Maybe if I could get some Airway Coffee I'd be inspired to drag out the coffee machine and make a pot. Then I'll get my iPod and start texting madly as I drink cup after cup. Sounds like a great morning plan. Maybe tomorrow.

Does anyone else think the ad lady's head is changing size with every cup she drinks? Maybe I don't want any Airway Coffee, after all.

photo credit: alsis35 (now at ipernity) via photopin cc


Marcheline said...

Another little-known fact about coffee... between the first cup and the third, you get shorter by two or three inches! 8-)

Lidian said...

Marcheline - Yeah, I know I do! But by then i don't even care ;)

Carol Yates Wilkerson said...

As I sit here drinking the last cup of coffee in the pot (because my husband got up early and drank most of it) I can feel my head getting bigger and bigger too. But then, I am kind of a liar. Happy Sunday morning to all coffee guzzlers around the world!

Lidian said...

Carol - Happy Sunday to you, too! I am just about to go make some boring decaff, because if I drink caffeine after 12 noon my head not only gets very big but I stay up until 3am getting crabbier and crabbier. And nobody needs that ;)