Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tumble Toasted Talk

It is just too much work  first thing in the morning, this sort of thing. The leaves, the melon balls, the artfully arranged Krispies floating (but not for long) on the milk that you poured...into a melon half. Nope, not going to even try that. I've seen people eat melon halves stuffed with ice cream. But never milk. You'd want to take a slice off the bottom of the melon half for a start - those things are tippy.

Tumble-Toasted sounds like writing a Tumblr after a few vodka and tonics. Maybe I'll try that sometime, but it's too early and also this is my blog. Oh, right - my blog. It's all coming back to me now...

So yeah, here we's been awhile. I have a Tumblr named Kitsch and Retro which is sort of the short version of this blog, which I've had a long time. I don't know what I'm doing with it in 2014 but I really like writing about vintage/retro, old cookbooks and domestic history in general. So there's that.

And I keep seeing domestic advice columns in old newspapers* that are really interesting and I think, I could put that on Kitchen Retro, couldn't I?

Maybe what I might do here is write about all the bits that I've tried to separate out into other blogs. Weird culinary history - like how Napoleon loved eggs so much he made some French chefs create the largest omelet you've ever seen. Or how much Walt Whitman loved pie (answer: a lot).

And old remedies, many of which were made from food ingredients and were absolutely a part of domestic, everyday life. That's what I love, the history of the everyday. Stuff the history books don't tell you.

In other words, opening this blog up  - beyond the kitchen, but still, you know, coming back to the kitchen. Oh, which reminds me. I do actually have something in the oven and I am forgetting it, writing this. Pumpkin bread, I'm coming!

OK, got it.

I want to be more relaxed in this blog, too. Tell you about stuff I do as a retro-ish house-tamer/cook/bottle-washer, for example. I did get a bit overwhelmed crafting little history essays and that's not what I want and probably not what you, the reader, wants either. More personal, more relaxed, more fun? Yes indeed! But still lots of wonderful old ads, full of "crispy goodness [that] makes them golden toasty all over."

*I do a lot of history/genealogy research for other writing projects that involve old newspapers and then I get lost in all the ads, classifieds and stories about people and start wondering what happened to them and then two hours have gone by...

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