Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Golden West In A Can

So who wouldn't want to have a happy combination on the table? I would. But this doesn't seem all that happy to me. I never liked canned vegetables. I sat in front of cold canned green beans (which weren't all that green, incidentally) for long periods of time when I was a kid.

I do love this early 1950s ad though. It is actually a portion of an ad, because some old ads are so full of great details and little cartoons and things that it's fun to clip and enlarge little bits of them. I post some of these on Instagram (link is on the sidebar) and Tumblr (link on the sidebar too) and it would be great to see you over there - I post on both of these at least once a day.

What also makes me happy is the disembodied home-economist head, who is clearly excited about canned corn and peas. This is what California means to her! Canned peas.

And I love that her happy ideas for these golden western veggies is just adding butter to them. Wow! Never would have thought of that.

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